We’ve been planning our schedule for the next few weeks and I wanted to share this with you so that you can plan when to come to Code Club. Here are how the next few Saturdays are shaping up:

Saturday 10th September (this Saturday)
We’ll be having our final lesson in the HTML/CSS Code Club series. It’s been a great course and we have all learnt loads. In this session we’ll be creating a Pixel Art Creator page, which will use a little bit of Javascript together with the CSS and HTML we’ve been learning. This will be followed by the Linux class who are looking at how the Internet works, specifically DNS servers and the supporting infrastructure.

Saturday 17th September
We have a 2hr session focussing on micro:bit, the small programmable device that the BBC has made available to all our schools. Barclays will be bringing some devices in, demonstrating their capabilities and giving everyone a chance to create something with them.

Saturday 24th September
We has a 2hr session dedicating to installing Linux. Whether you are doing this on a desktop, on a Raspberry Pi or on a server, this session will be useful in showing how it’s done, talking about booting and looking at how to deploy services on top of the new server. It could be a Minecraft server, a web server, a file store or a git repository; a Linux server can host all of these.

Saturday 1st October
We’ll be starting a brand new Scratch course. We have a waiting list of people queued up for this, but there’s still space for more. If you want to get an introduction to programming, Scratch is an easy way to get started. We’ll also be hosting a Cybersecurity Masterclass, leading up to the CyberSecurity Challenge for 2016. Drop me a line at owen@codeclub.im if you want to sign up for any of these.

In the meantime, the robotics room will be buzzing with Lego Mindstorms and all the other great things we’re building. If you want to learn more about Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, wearables and all sorts of emerging tech, come and find out what we’re doing!

See you at Code Club!