So, MGP is over, the weather is turning and there’s a distinct sense that summer is coming to an end. But here at Code Club we always have fun and exciting things to do, see and learn. We’re planning on starting a new Scratch class in the next few weeks, so if you’ve never done Scratch before, or if you know someone who would be interested in learning it, drop me a line at so I can add them to the waiting list.

This Saturday we have the penultimate HTML/CSS lesson at 4:00pm, where we will be combining all the things we’ve learnt so far and creating an online magazine. This will be followed by the Linux class, where we will continue working on our new server and learning all about this free and open Operating System.

We’ll also have roboics in the MICTA lounge, together with tinkering with IoT (Internet of Things), Raspberry Pis, Code Bugs, 3D printers, Virtual Reality and all the other fun stuff we have to experiment with. There’s bound to be lots of Minecraft and Roblox goodness going on in the Code Bus too.

Come and join us on Saturday between 4:00 and 6:00