This Saturday, we’re continuing our HTML class at 4:00pm, focusing on using CSS for sizing and positioning elements on a page. Should be a fun one, particularly as we’ll be creating an online robot together that will let you explore different ways of making him look. At 5:00pm, we’ll be having a session on Linux. As number of you have asked about this, especially after getting a Raspberry Pi, so we’ll be having an intro session on what Linux is and how to use it. If you want to learn more about this free and Open operating system, come and join us for this session.

As usual, the MICTA lounge will be dedicated to all things robotic with Lego Mindstorms, Code bugs, Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. But we’ll also going to be focusing on the Internet of Things this weekend, as we’re expecting to have an IoT gateway available that can provide a LoRoWAN network over a 5km area. We’ll be discussing what we can do with this and what our next projects in this space will be.

So, lots going on at Code Club. Come join us this Saturday!