We have a packed programme this Saturday at Code Club. Our HTML class kicks off proceedings in our lecture room at 4:00pm followed by Scratch (Create Your Own World) at 5:00pm. This takes us to the end of our Scratch course and we’ll be taking a break from Scratch over the summer. We’ll probably be kicking these off again in a few weeks, so if you want to join us, please drop me a line at owen@codeclub.im.

We also have lots of activities planned for the MICTA Lounge. We’ll have Lego Mindstorms as usual, but this week we’ll also be joined by Tom, one of the creators of the legendary CodeBug, to come and show how to use this great device and create your own projects. If you haven’t played with CodeBug, look him up, there are loads of things you can use them for.

Besides all this, we have the usual 3D printing, VR headsets and loads of other things to do around Code Club (the Code Bus is back too). Come and join us!