It’s great to see the whole Island gearing up for TT and we know that lots of you will be busy over this period; it’s also hard for some to get to Code Club over this period due to road closures, increased traffic, house guests and a whole bunch of other factors. So we’re planning on taking it easy over the next couple of weeks. We were planning on starting our HTML course this week, but a number of you had concerns over what happens over TT, so instead of starting and then stopping for a few week, we’re just pushing the start date back to Saturday 11th June. I hope this isn’t too much of an inconvenience, but it would be better to start properly. If you’re interested in learning a bit of HTML and CSS, drop me a line at

We’re still doing our Scratch class, as it’s not too hard to pick up missed lessons due to the fact that we keep repeating this course. So this Saturday we’re doing a project called Paint Box. If you haven’t done it yet, come join us it’s a fun one! We’ll also have lots of other non-scheduled activities around Code Club, from 3D printing and design, to virtual and augmented reality, all the way to Robotics and wearable technologies. Come join us this Saturday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm!