This Saturday we’ll be running a Scratch session called ‘Catch The Dots’ which involves creating a game to do just that. It’s a fun project and the next session of our Scratch series, which is fast drawing to a close. We’ll be starting a new one right after that though, but we already have a waiting list full of people who want to join. Session at 5:00pm.

If you were interested in joining the “Further Java” class we’ve had to delay that for a couple of weeks as the tutor has a number of commitments he needs to get out of the way. We’ll be keeping the 4:00pm hour clear for Java though, to let people finish their projects and to bring anyone interested in joining up to speed. So if you haven’t done Beginning Java, but want to sign up for Further Java, come and look for me (Owen) and we’ll use the hour to bring you up to speed. The ‘Further Java’ class will start on the 23rd April.

Besides all that we have lots of gadgets and kits to play with, from Lego Mindstorms and Code Bugs to 3D printers, remote control drones and all sorts of other devices. So come and join us this Saturday. There’s always lots going on at Code Club.