This Saturday we’re back at Code Club with a great Scratch session called Clone Wars, where we build a shoot-em up with cloned alien invaders trying to get through our defences. We’ve found Scratch a great platform to teach with, and this particular project is a great way of showing how an object can have methods that are invoked separately by every instance. The Java session is just a catch up, though we have been extending the TicTacToe that was created in ‘Beginning Java’ with some students. ‘More Java’ starts next week, so if you’re interested come and find out what we’re doing. More about our schedule on our What’s On page.

As usual, we’ll also have 3D printing, augmented reality, Lego Mindstorms, CodeBugs, drones, virtual reality and all the other goodies we play with at Code Club, so pop down and have a play.

We have some exciting news this week. We’re going to be taking part in the upcoming IsleExpo with a showcase titled ‘Gaming: Past, Present and Future’. We’ll be having a retro computing display, showing some of the VR/AR tech we have at Code Club and also showing off what we’ve built at Code Club. If you have anything you’d like to demo, whether it’s an old gaming rig, something new you’re working on or something cool you think others would like to see, then come have a word with Owen at Code Club, or drop me a line at We’re still looking for new ideas and shaping up what we’ll be doing.

See you Saturday!