This Saturday we’re continuing in a similar vein to last Saturday. We first have the final Java class at 4:00pm. The course has been well attended and we’re hoping that our students use what they learn and go off and explore new avenues. This will be followed by another Scratch class where this week we will be building a Memory Game. The 3D room will be in full swing now that we have new filament for the dual-extruder printer. We also have Google Cardboard to try if you haven’t played with it yet.

Downstairs the MICTA Lounge will be dedicated to hacking hardware. From Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and Code Bugs all the way to Lego Mindstorms we have a selection of kit to play, build and learn on. We’ll be running some more organised sessions in this field after Easter, so watch this space to learn more.

See you on Saturday!