This Saturday we’ll be running a Scratch session called Dodgeball, a great little game to help our students get a better handle on Scratch. The course is coming along nicely and it’s great to see people’s faces light up when things work the way they should.

We finished the Introductory Java class last week, and are planning to run a set of ‘Further Java’ sessions after Easter. These will be perfect for the students who have finished the Introductory Java sessions, but if you missed them and would like to join the class we are using the next couple of weeks to bring people up to speed and ready to join the ‘Further Java’ class. If you’re interested in picking up this opportunity, drop me a line at

As usual, we’ll have lots of other things happening at Code Club. The Keyboard and Mouse Skills class will be running on the Code Bus, there will be Lego Mindstorms, Robotics and Code Bugs in the MICTA Lounge, there’s 3D and VR to mess around with and lots of other bits and pieces.

See you on Saturday!

P.S. We won’t be opening Code Club over the Easter weekend as we’ll be working on FabLab instead. If anyone wants to help, drop me a line at