So, after a couple of special sessions, we're back to our normal routine. It's been a fantastic 2 weeks, playing with Code Bugs and learning about Augmented Reality, but we how our scheduled courses to return to and I'm sure all our students are aching to get back to more coding goodness. So the Java class will be running Session 5 at 16:00 and Scratch will be running the Boat Race session at 17:00. We'll also have the keyboard/mouse skills training continuing in the Code Bus for the group that started a few weeks ago. The MICTA Lounge will be dedicated to robotics and wearables. We have Lego Mindstorms, Code Bugs, Raspberry Pis and Arduinos to mess around with. Last time we ended up with Lego robots playing Football .. who know what will happen this week? We also have our 3D room available, with 3D printers and space for playing with Blender. Who knows, there might even be some Unity development going on ... All this and more at Code Club, so come join us this Saturday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm