We’re continuing with out usual programme at Code Club this week, with the Java class moving to Lesson 4 and the Scratch class working on a session called Chatbot. The MICTA Lounge will be busy with Lego Mindstorms and a range of different hardware and coding projects and our 3D suite will also be in full use. We’re also starting a new class for Mouse and Keyboard skills and will be using the Code Bus for this. Unfortunately this class is already full, so we cannot take any more students for it.

We’re currently running at capacity, but we’re always planning what we’ll be doing next. We have a range of different languages we can learn, applications to try and technologies to experiment with. We’re also thinking of different formats, like having ‘Girls Only’ sessions and other time slots we can use. But we’d also like to incorporate everyone’s feedback into what happens next. So please let us know what you like about Code Club, what you hate about Code Club and if you could add one thing, what would that be? Drop me a line at owen@codeclub.im or come and grab me on Saturday. Your feedback is important to help us grow and improve.

See you Saturday!