This Saturday we don’t have a Java lesson scheduled, so we’re taking it a bit easy over the mid-term week. We still have Scratch on at 5:00pm (running a Code Club session called Paint Box), but the 4:00pm till 5:00pm slot in the Lecture Room can be used for some free coding. Come and experiment with the Java you’ve learnt, come practice some Scratch, code and try some Hour of Code activities. We’ll be around to help anyone who needs.

We’ll also have robotics downstairs, with Lego Mindstorms, Code Bugs and all sorts of other activities designed to help you make your own creations and explore how to control them. We had a couple of robots playing football last week and there’s lots more happening. We also have the 2nd session of Keyboard and Mouse skills on the Code Bus, so make sure you don’t miss it if you’re booked in!

See you all Saturday!