This Saturday we’re having a special session at Code Club, focussing exclusively on Augmented Reality. We have some experts joining us: developers from Derivco who built the Microgaming Augmented Reality app that we’ve been showing off at our Code Club sessions over the last few months. This Saturday, they will be running an Augmented Reality workshop for us, talking about the applications of Augmented Reality and walking us through how their application was created.

This will be followed by an opportunity to try your own hand at creating an Augmented Reality scenario. If you’re interested in doing this, please bring your laptop along and install a platform called Unity in advance. You can download Unity here. We’ll be using Unity to create something amazing together!

Because of this special event, there will be no other lessons at Code Club this Saturday. Java, Scratch and keyboard skills will all be suspended so that everyone can attend this session. If last week is anything to go by, our lecture room is going to be packed, so plan on coming early if you want to get a seat. Normal lessons will resume next week.

See you Saturday!