This Saturday we will be continuing the Scratch and Java classes that started last week. We’ll also have Lego Mindstorms, Codebugs, Virtual Reality and 3D printing to play with at per our usual format. And the Cybersecurity team will be on the Code Bus getting ready for the 3rd stage of the Cyber Centurion contest next week. Lots to do and lots to learn.

We also have a new stream starting this week looking at Monogame. One of our local developers has decided he’d like to learn more about this exciting platform that accelerates development of cross-platform games and will be using our Code Club sessions to set aside some time to do this. He’s looking for other enthusiasts interested in learning Monogame and wanting to build their own games to work and learn with him. If you’re interested in joining him, ask for Andrew. It would be great to build a team around him!

We also still have spaces for our Keyboard and Mouse skills starting on the 6th February. This is a great introduction for those who haven’t really used computers much, or younger kids who aren’t quick on the keyboard and not that familiar with a mouse. If you’re interested, drop me a line at

See you Saturday!