This Saturday is our last session at The Forum. It’s been a great facility for us to use but all good things come to an end! Luckily we have a new facility in Ballasalla we can use. If you’re not sure where it is make sure you ask one of our volunteers this Saturday.

So, what do we have in store this Saturday? The Scratch class is proceeding with their course and will be building a ‘Catch the Dots’ game this Saturday. It makes clever use of sprites and is a fantastic example of how a developer can change the balance of a game to make it harder or easier. This lesson will start at 5:00pm, but the lecture room is available before that for anyone who wants to do their own Scratch or needs some extra help.

The Lego Mindstorms group have a number of Sumo robots now taking part in their Lego Sumo Competition and this Saturday will be turning the boardroom into a competition arena. The robots will compete against each other and one of them will be the champion! We have an awesome prize for the winner so: May the Best Robot Win! Please come and support your favourite team!

Besides this, there will be all sorts of activities around Code Club: from 3D modelling to 3D printiner, from an entrepreneurial group building websites all the way to group collaborating and playing. We even have a couple of new Code Bugs to play with! See you Saturday!