First of all I would like to congratulate the Cybersecurity team on successfully completing Round 1 of the CyberCenturion Challenge. The contest round ran for 6 hours in which we had to secure and Ubuntu and a Windows desktop machine. The team learnt loads along the way and we ended up 10th out of around 40 teams. Considering this is the first time we competed, I thought this was a fantastic result! Round 2 is in December, so we’ll be using this time to skill up and try and get a better placing next time.

This Saturday we’ll also be running another Scratch class called ‘Brain Game’. We’re almost at the end of this Scratch course and looking to start another one next year. The waiting list is already humming, so if anyone wants to join, please email so I can schedule you in. We’ll also have our usual 3D group, makerspace, Lego Mindstorms and other sessions and spaces open for all to come learn and share what they know.

Finally, a reminder that we’re moving down South and from December will be running our sessions at new premises. Directions can be found here. If you’re not sure where, please speak to one of the volunteers and we’ll explain how to get there.