We have another great Code Club session lined up this Saturday, with the Scratch class working on building a Paint Box, the Lego Mindstorms group working on their Sumo robots and lots of other fun tech activities going on around the Club. A quick reminder that there will be no PHP session this week and the CyberPatriot Team is also not meeting (though there will be some work available on the forum if they want an informal meet).

In case you haven’t heard us talking about it round the Club, we’re currently building a brand new facility for the Isle of Man, a Fablab down at Ronaldsway. This has grown out of the small Makerspace we run during Code Club, A lot of projects that have been attempted just don’t fit into a ‘2 hours a week’ slot and need more effort. We’re also limited on space and wouldn’t have been able to host some essential equipment like a laser cutter and other big equipment. This is intended to be a resource for the community and is currently being built by people volunteering their skills and time to make it happen. Here are some pictures of the space we are trying to create:

MS_15092901 MS_15092902 MS_15092903 MS_15092904 MS_15092905

We’re currently at pretty early stages with this and are looking for help to build this resource, particularly from tradesmen (electricians, plumbers, joiners, etc) who can accelerate what we’re doing. If you can help with this or can help fund some of the supplies we are using please contact owen@codeclub.im or kurt@micta.im. The more people involved, the sooner we can get this facility up and running. We’re extremely excited about this project and can’t wait to start teaching how to create and make, not online in a virtual space, but also in the physical world.