This Saturday we’ll be running a similar format to last week, with our next PHP and Scratch classes between 4 and 6. As usual, the 3D group will be playing with Blender and the Hackspace will be in full swing. Our CyberSecurity team will also be meeting preparing for the CyberCenturion Challenge We also have the Robotics team meeting in the Boardroom building things with Lego Mindstorms in preparation of our National Lego Sumo Contest next month.

You might have heard that we’ve been spending the last few days taking the Code Bus all around the Isle of Man. Well, this weekend we’re spending Saturday in Douglas (in front of TK Maxx) and Sunday afternoon at Tynwald Mills. If you haven’t seen the Code Bus yet, do pop by and have a peek. We have computers, drones, virtual reality and lots of things to experiment with. Hope to see you there!