We have another great Code Club session lined up this Saturday, with the Scratch class building a Boat Race and the PHP class starting to play with functions. All the other groups will be meeting as usual too, the Cybersecurity one, the 3D design and the Lego Mindstorms one. Our Markerspace will also be in full swing, so if you’re intent on making something, you know right where you need to go. And if you have your own projects, come join us and see if you can find some help!

I just wanted everyone a heads-up that our time running Code Club at The Forum is coming to a close. We’ve been lucky to access to the facilities there for a good while and we’ve run a number of classes, sessions and activities. But we’ll be moving to a new facility near the airport before the end of the year and running our Saturday sessions in an exciting new space. More about this in the next few weeks, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too much of a surprise 🙂

So, if you can join us this Saturday, we’ll all be at The Forum. Come and see if you can learn something new!