This Saturday marks the start of our coding classes now that our Summer sessions are over. We’ve had a number of great sessions, with topics ranging from Free Software all the way to User Interface Design. But now it’s time switch back to coding and we’re looking forward to start classes, especially as they’re full of students looking to learn!

We’ll be starting our PHP lesson at 4:00pm. It’s a 6-lesson course which will take us through the basics of what PHP is, leading on how to build programs and dynamic websites. A basic knowledge of HTML is essential, so this is aimed at our more advanced students. At 5:00pm we’ll be starting our 12-session Scratch course. This is perfect for those looking to start coding and absolute beginners.

We also have a number of other things happening at Code Club, from 3D Design to robotics and 3D printing. So if you’re interesting in sharing what you know or looking to learn more, drop in at The Forum this Saturday at The Forum.

And on Sunday our robotics team will be at St. John’s Mill getting ready for their Robot Sumo competition. Yes, you heard right, a Robot Sumo competition. Open to everyone in the Isle of Man interested in robotics, all you need is a Lego Mindstorms set and a smart robot that can beat all others in the ring. More about that in the next few days!