This Saturday is Software Freedom Day, so we’re going to join the worldwide celebration and use the day to share the story behind free software, what is is, where you can get your hands on it and how you can use it in your daily work or play.

So, what is free software:

Free software, software libre, or libre software is computer software that gives users the freedom to run the software for any purpose as well as to study, change, and distribute the software and the adapted versions. The right to study and modify free software gives full access to its source code. For computer programs which are covered by copyright law this is achieved with a software license where the author grants users the aforementioned freedoms. Software which is not covered by copyright law, such as software in the public domain is free if the source code is in the public domain (or otherwise available without restrictions).

If you want to learn more, come join us this Saturday for a fascinating talk on the subject. We’ll have all the other Code Club activities happening as usual through the Club, so come join us if we can. Just a heads up that this is the last talk of our Summer Series, we’re starting Scratch and PHP classes the following week.