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Lego Mindstorms Sumo Robotics final – We have a winner!

Yesterday marked the final session of the 2015 Lego Mindstorms Sumo Robotics challenge, one of the robotics classes that the Isle of Man Code Club has been running, kindly hosted by St John’s Mill Conference Centre. We’re delighted to announce that we have a winner for this challenge:

The winner is: Destructicon (his mates call him Terry)

His designer, maker and programmer, Luka, has been crowned champion, but will be invited to be challenged next time this course is run. In the meantime, here’s the pivotal moment where Terry pinned his opponent in the final round:

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  1. Richard Turnbull says:

    Fantastic! Having been on the first ever course I can say they are 100% fun combined with great learning thanks to the folks at Code Club.

    I’m going to continue talking to my children’s school to build the links between school and Code Club: I would love to see more teachers there: there are so many Tech/ IT guys there who would be very happy to help teachers hone their skills.

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