This Saturday we have the last installment of our Scratch course, “Creating Your Own world”. As this is a long project we’ll be starting early at 4:00pm and using the Lecture Room for the whole 2 hours for this course. If you’re on this course, please come early and if you had done Scratch previous but hadn’t done this lesson, please come and join us!

A number of you have also asked when Deckbound will be back so you can try out Deckbound Heros again. Well, they’ve fixed a few bugs in their game and are coming back to make their game available to Code Club members. So we’ll also have Deckbound in the house with a number of gaming machines where you can hone your CCG skills and have another go at beating your friends at this game. We’ll also have 3D design, robots, printers, virtual reality and all the other goodness we normally have at Code Club if you don’t fancy this.

A couple of announcements as we go into Summer mode at Code Club. First of all, Code Club will be closed on Saturday 1st August. This weekend seems to be a very popular holiday and we’re unable to provide our normal service. Sorry about this, but we’ll be there the following week! We’ll be running a series of talk on different subjects over the following weeks, followed by a PHP course in September.

The following Saturday (8th August) we’re starting a Publisher for Adults course led by the delightful Shem. This is aimed at over-18s who would like to learn what Microsoft Publisher can be used for and how it can be used. It’s a 5-session, 2 hour course and We still have spaces available! So please contact if you want to join us.