This Saturday we’re running another couple of HTML and Scratch lessons as per our normal schedule. The HTML class will be doing a project called Catch The Dots, while the HTML course has reached it’s final class: Building a comic with HTML and CSS. It’s been a great class and we’ve learnt lots together but all good things come to an end! We still have a few more lessons in this Scratch series, but if you missed it this time, don’t worry, we’ll be repeating the classes again.

We’ll also have a number of activities running this Saturday. The 3D Design Group and Minecraft Group will be meeting as usual and the Makerspace will be running at full swing. Our 2 3D printers have been keeping busy printing off models, our meeter-greeter robot is taking shape and there’s always lots to do.

Just a heads-up that next Saturday (11th July) we’ll be running a completely different format. A local company is coming to show us a brand new game technology they are designing, running a technical session on game development, then running a tournament with a £200 GAME voucher as a top prize. There won’t be a Scratch class on that day and we’ll be starting a 3:00pm instead of 4:00pm due to the full schedule. But more about that next week!!!

See you Saturday.