We have another couple of fantastic Code Club sessions ready for you this Saturday. The Scratch class will be building a Memory game, and the HTML class will be learning how to embed media and bits of other websites into their HTML pages. But that’s not all, the other groups around Code Club will also be progressing with their projects: we have a local Minecraft server that we are building add-ons for, we have a Meet/Greet robot that is slowly taking shape, our Makerspace has lots of things to play with, and the 3D and Roblox groups will be working on their own projects. And if you’re looking to start a new project, we can team you up with someone who can help.

We also have some exciting news. Thanks for funds made available by the Celton Manx Recognition Programme, we have been able to procure a brand new 3D printer for our Makerspace. What’s really exciting about this one is that it uses a new technique, stereolithography, to build better models faster than extrusion printers. We’ll be setting this up and learning more about it this week.

So, lots of things to do. Hope you can join us!