This Saturday sees us taking on the next programming challenges in our series: we’ll be building a recipe page in our HTML/CSS class (16:00), as well as building a Dodgeball game in our Scratch class (17:00). Our students are coming along nicely and it’s great to see them picking up new skills and experimenting with that they’ve learnt.

As always, there are lots of other activities around Code Club if you’re not in one of these classes. We have groups playing with Minecraft and Roblox, Lego Mindstorms and Robotics for the more mechanically inclined, 3D design for the creative types and our Makerspace is buzzing now that we have 2 3D printers and lots of other kit to experiment with.

So if you’re passionate about technology, learning how to code or want to share things you’ve learnt, come and join us every Saturday between 4:00pm and 6:00pm. We’re building a great community for people passionate about technology.

See you there!