This Saturday should mark another successful end to the TT, but instead of basking in the post-TT glow, we’re going to jump right back into our Code Club schedule, and continue our HTML/CSS and Scratch classes. The Scratch class will be working on creating a Boat Race and in the HTML/CSS we’ll be learning about positioning HTML elements by hiding Ninjas. Intrigued? Come and join us to learn more.

We’ll also have a number of other projects running through the Club. We have a group building a Meet and Greet Robot, we have a 3D Design group working on designs and animations, we have Virtual Reality equipment to experiment with, a 3D printer that’s being used for multiple projects, as well as people building things with Minecraft and Roblox.

We’re always looking for people with new project they’d like to start at Code Club, so if you have an idea or are simply looking for a space in your week to create and building something new, come and see us. We can provide space, enthusiasm and even equipment (if we have it) to help you build your project. Our only requirement is that you share what you know with the people around you. Everyone’s here to help and learn.

See you Saturday!