This Saturday sees us continuing our classes as per schedule, with the Scratch class creating a Paint Box and the HTML/CSS class doing some more CSS (yes, we’re moving into classes and IDs now). It’s great to see the energy in the classes and always inspiring to see people leaving with a few more nuggets of knowledge.

In the meantime there will be loads of other things happening around Code Club. We have the Roblox and 3D user groups, Lego Mindstorms and Robotics, 3D printing and lots more. We have 2 practical projects on this week. The Meet/Greet Robot is starting to take shape with the team getting the streaming video component up and running this week. We also have a new project kicking off, aimed at the Minecraft fans out there. Yes, we’re going to build a new Minecraft server but this time we’re doing it from Scratch. Simon will be taking a brand new server, installing Linux on it and turning it into a Minecraft server. We’ll be using this for some specific projects moving forward, but this Saturday we’ll be building up the server. Everyone is welcome to participate in either of the practical projects, so come and join in the fun!

See you all Saturday!