This week we’re running Session 4 of our HTML course (starting CSS), followed by Session 4 of Scratch (Chatbot). We had a great turnout last week, and hope we have the same this Saturday. In the meantime there are other activities happening all around Code Club, from the 3D group, to people messing with Roblox; from Robotics to 3D printing and all sort of other activities. We also have a Robotics course starting this Sunday at St. Johns Mill, so lots of things to do!

One of the aims of Code Club is to get people passionate about technology to share what they know and enjoy. So if you have a project you’re working on, or are keen to share something you’ve learnt, some and join us; you’re bound to find other with the same interests. Oh, and a heads up for the hardware aficionados. We’ve had Raspberry Pis and Arduinos floating around that people have been building projects with. We have a couple of Intel Galileo boards now, so come and see what they’re all about!

See you Saturday!