This Saturday sees us starting the month of May with a full programme of events. Last Saturday saw us kick off a new season of lessons with HTML/CSS at 4:00pm and Scratch at 5:00pm. Our class was full of new students, some young, some old, but all hungry for knowledge. The classes went well and we’re ready for the 2nd lesson in those series this Saturday.

This Saturday will follow a similar format to last, with lessons upstairs, the 3D and Roblox Special Interest Groups downstairs (please come join us if you have any interest in these 2 topics), Lego Mindstorms in the boardroom and robotics and 3D printing in our upstairs Makerspace. Lots to do and learn for everyone.

One final notice. We’re kicking off a repeat of our popular ‘Starting Robotics with Lego Mindstorms’ on Sunday 17th May at St John’s Mill. This is aimed at over 14-year olds, but younger students will be accepted if accompanied. Spaces are limited and those who have already done it can attest that it is great fun. If you’re interested in signing up, please speak to one of our volunteers on Saturday or contact Owen at