We hope you’re having a great mid-term break, and we’ve been having a great week here at Code Club. Last Saturday was a full-on session with Python, Excel and Scratch classes, a busy Maker Room and lots going on. We had our Robotics class on Sunday using Lego Mindstorms, which was awesome. We even had the Pi Top guys over this week, with an open session on Tuesday for Code Club members to pop in, check out their kit and hear the story of their success. We hope those who came found it as fascinating as we did.

If you’re after a copy of the handouts we used last week end here you go: Beginner Scratch Session 5 Handout, Advanced Python Session 5 Handout.

This week we have the final Advanced Python session at 4:00pm and the next Beginner Scratch class at 5:00pm. The Excel class is also running as scheduled and the Maker Room will have it’s fair share of robots, VR kit, Raspberry Pis and Arduinos. It’s open for anyone who wants to work on their projects or come and see if you can help someone else.

Just a heads up that Saturday 21st is Open Data Day and we’re running a special session to explore some Open Data that currently already exists for the Isle of Man. We’ll then be inviting attendees to split up into groups and create something spectacular. So if you fancy writing some code, if you have some ideas you’d like to explore or just want to see what can be done with data, put the 21st in your calendar. More news about this next week!