This Saturday we’ll be running a WordPress Workshop aimed at those interested in WordPress or using WordPress. We’ll be looking at some common problems and how to solve them, ways to keep your site secure and some plugin recommendations. We’re also looking at what problems people can bring the the session and trying to help you find solutions for them; so please bring your difficulties with you. Our October programme of events is up on our What’s On page, so check it out to see what’s coming.

We’ve also announced our Autumn Scratch Contest, which is open to all students in the Isle of Man, including current and past Code Club students. We have already had our first contest entry, so get to work and submit yours for a chance to win a brand new laptop or a Raspberry Pi starter kit. More on the contest page.

As well as all this, we have our usual mix of Saturday events. The Advanced Scratch class have their usual lesson, we have electronics and robotics in the Hackspace, the .Net group is meeting as usual and so the 3D corner will be blitzing away at the game level they are creating. There are usually conversations about gaming (Minecraft anyone?), cryptocurrencies and whatever is new in the tech world; so please come along and join us. Saturday from 4:00pm at The Forum