This Saturday happens to be Software Freedom Day and we are marking the day with a special talk about the Philosophy of Free Software. This will be followed by a case study of a real-life implementation of free software in a commercial organisation and the opportunity for Q&A with our speakers and the rest of the group. We are hoping for a well-attended session, particularly as we will be talking about the advantages of Open Source and how these compare to other software delivery mechanisms.

Our Hackspace will be embarking on a new project this week, looking at quadcopters and how they are designed and starting to make plans on how we can build our very own Code Club Drone. We also have our Scratch classes going on and the 3D Corner will be progressing their work on their exciting new game.

If any of this sounds interesting, please come join us; we’ll have all this and lots more happening at Code Club this week!

Addendum: Slides from Software can be found on the Code Club Forum