We have an exciting topic to talk about this week, one with lots of practical value: Oscilloscopes. An oscilloscope is an essential piece of equipment for anyone working with electronics yet most of us don’t really know what they are used for. Dylan, one of our avid hackspace enthusiasts will be explaining what they do, how they work and what they are used for. An essential presentation for anyone interested in learning more about electronics.

We’ll also be running the usual Scratch training classes (though we have no advanced Scratch tomorrow), .Net club and 3D design sessions; so plenty to do, even if you’re not interested in electronics.

We have lots of things lined up, so check out our What’s On page to see what’s coming up. One worthy of note is that we’re taking part in National Coding week with a special event we’re calling ‘Code Expo’ where we’re inviting all Manx coders to come and show everyone what they’ve built. Here’s a Code Expo Flyer to remind you to keep the date clear.