We have a great session to introduce you to a Javascript library called React, designed to help you build awesome user interfaces. A number of sites already make use of this, including Facebook, AirBnb and The New York Times. Andrew Gleave from Red Robot Studios will be walking us through building a weather widget using publicly available APIs and walk the library through its paces. Should be a fun session and hopefully we’ll learn lots.

We also have Scratch sessions on for kids, with Beginner Scratch continuing and an Advanced course starting for those who have already completed the Beginner course. There are also robots being built and played with in the Hackspace, 3D design workshops and there’s bound to be some chat on cryptocurrencies and other techie topics.

A reminder that all the sessions we run are free and we’re always looking for people passionate about technology to join us, to learn and share what they know. If you know anyone who would be interested, be sure to send them out way!

Addendum: Andrew has made his slides available here: React – You can also find the source code of his project here: React Weather