We’re getting well underway with our Summer programme and this Saturday we are presenting an Introduction to Dynamic Websites. We’ll be looking at how HTML/Javascript and PHP can be used to add some magic to a static website and bring it to life. This will be an taste of web development for budding developers or an intro to PHP for those not familiar with the technology. If you’re looking to learn more about how to build sites, or are interested in picking up some new techniques, this one is for you.

We’re also repeating our Beginning Scratch course aimed at 9-11 year olds. The class is almost full but we still have a couple of places if you know anyone who’s interested. It’s pitched at absolute novices, but if you’re looking to learn something new don’t let the age bracket stop you; we’ve had students in their 60s come for this one. If you’re interested, please leave a comment on this post as we will need to confirm we still have places if you want to come and join in.

The Hackspace will also be in full swing, with robots, Raspberry Pis and cryptocurrency on the agenda for people to play with. We’re trying to get to group to make use of our new Code Club forum to post up what they’re doing, so keep an eye on it!