Our next 2 weeks are dedicated to learning about 3D graphics. We have 2 sessions lined up, with this Saturday (5th July) learning about a package called Blender and next Saturday focusing on 3D graphics.

The first 30 minutes will be setting up and getting Blender installed for those that want it, so if you want to participate please bring your laptop. Ideally, you should have a number pad on their keyboard – not essential but it helps. Also, a three button mouse with a scroll-wheel is just about essential. A trackpad will work but the three mouse buttons are used a lot, and for navigation a mouse is far better.

The main session will be a guided tour through the interface and key controls and we hope you will bring lots of questions and issues for us to help you with.

So if you’re looking to learn some new skills, have played around with Blender or other 3D Renderers or want to show us some of your creations; come along and join us. This session should be useful for all ages; all you need is an enquiring mind and a desire to learn.

Oh, and the hackspace is busy building an Arduino controlled robot, so if you fancy getting involved in that; just come along too.