So, last Saturday we had our first proper Code Club session. We marked it by kicking off a Beginning Scratch course in the main classroom. I had originally planned to have 12 students (based on the fact that we have 6 machines and people could share), but thanks to all the volunteers who came forward and people bringing their own machines we actually ran 2 classes one after the other; one with 17 students and one with 16. That’s 33 people who got their first taste of coding. And they all seemed to enjoy it.

We also had a number of conversations happening in our drop-in rooms downstairs. These included: Linux, Windows 8, SecureBoot, Command line commands, Raspberry Pi interfaces, Scratch, some maths topics, hardware hacks on a laser rifle, program loops for timing versus interrupt-driven timers, and even a game of chess! We’ll be formalising this in the future, but for now we’re happy to discuss and debate anything under the sun. So drop in next Saturday, grab a coffee and come learn something new!

Here are some photos from the day: