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Isle of Man Code Club – Getting ready to launch!

We’re putting information about our plans and what we intend to do into this website so that everyone has visibility as what we’re trying to accomplish and how we plan on getting there. Please don’t hesitate to drop in any ideas, comments, suggestions on things you like and things you don’t. Together we can make the Isle of Man Code Club awesome!

We’re currently targeting a launch event on Saturday 8th March – Forum at 16:00. Hope you can make it!

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  1. Paul Roberts says:

    I am interested in attending this, can you advise what language this is in?

  2. Owen Cutajar says:

    I’m expecting that we will have a number of members who will have skills in different languages. We’re starting off with a “Beginning Scratch” course aimed at absolute beginners, but I’m hoping that others will choose to run sessions on languages they are expert on.

    I’m also expecting there to be informal conversations, so if you have any specific interest, you should find others with similar interests.

  3. Lee Willis says:

    Hi Owen, do we need to register so you’ve got an idea of numbers? How many can you accommodate?


    • Owen Cutajar says:

      The first session is going to be a free-for-all to help figure out the numbers. The Board room at The Forum can accommodate a fair number, so as long as we can all get in we can make plans for the future.

  4. rob smythe says:

    I will be there if you have the space.

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